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Great communication is about understanding your audience. We've seen how looking at your customers through a data-driven lens can often lead our clients to reassess what they knew about them.

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Why do you need our Data Insights?

The challenge

We believe data is a vital asset, but it’s nothing if it cannot be applied. We find statistical patterns and relationships in your data, and find ways to make that knowledge more accessible.

  • Personalised customer experience - Market share is one of the biggest business drivers today. All businesses are playing a zero-sum game to capture as much value from as many customers as possible.

  • Best next action - Need to predict needs and behaviours in order to respond in the best possible way.

  • Need to find efficiencies - Data enables efficiency. Being a ‘Lean’ business means reducing costs, improving value, reducing waste.

Our solution

Equiniti can make use of both in-house and partnerships to maximise the accuracy of your customer data, offering you unprecedented confidence in your data.

  • Profiling - Outside transactional customer history what insight do we have to better understand our customers individually and their socio-economic status?

  • Segmentation - What understanding do we have on clusters within our customer files and how these customer clusters interact with us and their relative value?

  • Modelling - Making predictions about the customer database using data-based evidence

  • Benchmarking - We also have the ability to use our UK database to benchmark against your customer base as a sub-set.

Why customers love Equiniti

Together, we can...

We'll make sure your data is high quality with a quick audit. We'll then help you take a deeper look at the data you have, and find the real story about your customers.

We'll profile your customers based upon their most similar traits, and discover statistically significant behaviours.

We'll model your customers to find even more examples of your biggest fans, and introduce you to many more using our Consumer Database.

Do you know what your data says about your customers?

Our data consultants are ready to talk about how Insights into your data can positively impact your business.

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