Where does our UK consumer data come from?

We take consumer privacy seriously, which is why we aim to be as transparent as possible about our methods and processes.

We believe in guardianship of consumer data, and always ensure that the rights and privacy of consumers are safeguarded wherever people data is used to drive business.

How compliant is our data?

Very. All of our suppliers must pass our rigorous 4-stage test**. We will only work with them if they pass all 4 stages.

1. The company

This is where we want to know the details of the company. Such as:

  • trading history
  • management structure
  • finances and insurances
  • reputation

If something doesn’t look right, we won’t work with them.

2. Their processes

Next, we assess how they get and control their data. We’re looking for things like:

  • Does the customer or user opt in?
  • Is it clear what they opt into?
  • Can they opt out later?
  • Does the company have a data protection officer?

If we don’t have confidence in how they control and process their data, we won’t work with them.

3. The quality of the data

We ask for a sample of their data and compare it to data we know to be true. Is it accurate? Is it up-to-date?

If we don’t trust the data, we won’t work with them.

4. Compliance and safeguards

Finally, we want to know what safeguards and policies they have in place to protect customers. Things like:

  • Are they over 18?
  • Are they made aware of their legal rights?
  • Has it been made easy for them to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)?

If we don’t feel the company is acting in the customers’ best interests, we won’t work with them.

Only 3 out of 10 companies make it through our vetting criteria to become a supplier*

* Figures here are based on total number of suppliers vetted, and those who proceeded to partner within the period 2018-2019.
** We also continue to reassess quarterly.

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