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EQ Cognition

What is it?

An API for the world's data

Who's it for?

Data-driven enterprises

How do I get it?

Web UI, API, Licence

EQ Cognition is one controlled API, designed to enable access to global data sources and accelerate your enterprise operations.

Select any data source for any purpose from many sources

Define bespoke processes where necessary, and publish to an endpoint

Speed up the process of getting validation and data into your business

Why EQ Cognition?

We build connections for businesses to be able to access a vast array of global data sources seamlessly and in real-time.

Enterprises have several barriers to using data sources in their processes:

Identifying Partners

Identifying partners and managing them

Management and compliance

Management and compliance


Management of processes

Working with our large corporate clients, we recognized the need to overcome these barriers, and identified a number of needs.

Comply with Regulation
Complex data journeys dictated by regulation

Simplify Complexity
Process high-volumes of data from many sources, and distribute multiple workflows to specific process according to regulations

Increase Pace
They are open to being toppled by disruptor businesses which can move faster because of procurement processes which restrict on-boarding

Benefits of EQ Cognition

Secure processes

Security over all data-processing

Data journey

Quick and easy data journey

Regulation management

Regulation management

Single supplier

Single supplier – Many services


Consolidate business processes

What does it do?

EQ Cognition has been developed with three primary use cases in mind:

  • The need for an on-boarding process, which is stand-alone, and does not have technical dependencies outside of Cognition – a non-technical person may create a process which can be published as a user-interface, as part of publishing an Experience. We allow for a non-technical person to create a workflow, and publish an interface which can become the front-face for customers

  • The need for data access to be integrated with an existing system by a technical person (developer, or software engineer).

  • The need to create a complex and bespoke workflow, to publish endpoints based upon derived data calculations from a combination of data sources.


EQ Cognition has 3 core parts

EQ Cognition Core Features EQ Cognition Core Features

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