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A highly accurate, up-to-date UK consumer database

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UK Consumer Database

Who's it for?

Business leaders, Media Planners, Marketers, Data Professionals

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EQ Reach is Equiniti Data's flagship Consumer Database, designed
in compliance with GDPR

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Accurate UK consumer data, regularly updated

Household and individuals

Household and Individual levels


Equiniti are regulatory specialists, with stringent governance principles


Use better targeting to reduce costs

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Improved customer experience with your brand

Consumers are changing

Where they live, how they respond, how they prefer to be contacted. That's why we're regularly updating.

EQ Reach is a real-time and accurate picture of the UK, right now. We’ve done the heavy-lifting over the last 10 years to ensure that legislation and regulation are entirely adhered to. We’re happy to discuss our collection methodology and auditing process.

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