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An authoritative overview of UK consumers
What could you do with an understanding of 99% of the UK's population?

  • 1:1 at scale, down-scaled

    Multiple levels, from the entire UK, down to categorisations, into specific segments. The structure of the site has been developed based upon the concept of zoom-in-zoom-out.

  • Visual distinction

    We’ve drawn important features and distinctions to the surface, and made them visual. By allowing high-level filtering, you can see the differences between segments quicker and easier than ever before.

  • Empathy Personified

    The purpose is to understand the people behind the data. We’ve curated thousands of images and iconography to effectively represent key distinctions between human groups.

  • Relationships and Networks

    We’ve mapped connections and sought to demonstrate them in the most accessible ways possible. Using interactive network diagramming, graphing and charting tools.

  • Deeper detail

    The purpose is persona, and the aim is to amplify. By delving into the details behind the data, we’ve been able to enrich EQ Amplify with the important facts to drive your media spend.

  • Data-driven confidence

    Remove the guesswork involved in some of the unknown areas of media-planning and marketing by exploiting the power of a full UK consumer database.

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