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What is it?

Classification system for all UK consumers

Who's it for?

Anyone who communicates with customers

How do I get it?

Web UI, API, Docs

We segmented the entire UK population, according to demographic, socio-economic & behavioural traits - at both postcode and household level


Why EQ Amplify?

  • What everyone has

    • Compiled a dataset representative of the entire UK.

    • Created a nominally-coded classification system.

    • Open Government Data, Land Registry, Electoral Roll, ONS OA-11 data as standard.

  • What we do better

    • Scale

      Coverage: Based upon 99% coverage of the UK with 50 million consumers and 26m households.

    • Modern Machine-learning

      Modern machine-learning: Taking all the strengths of existing products, and apply the latest Machine Learning procedures.

    • Intelligible

      Intelligible: A simplified code system allowing for better accessibility and intelligibility.

  • What only EQ Data Provide

    • Privacy

      The only classification with Privacy-by-Design, ethically constructed from an aggregated and anonymised dataset.

    • Diamond

      Cutting edge machine learning, using our specialised suite of scientific algorithms.

    • Ease of use, with an interactive UI, developed by UX professionals.
      Available in online and offline versions.

    • 99+ consumer characteristics profiled in each segment, from car ownership to transactional & switching behaviours.

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