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Hiring without headaches. Have confidence, compliance, and transparency whilst you hire candidates.

  • One-click hiring

    Hire with ease

    The process is quick. Simply add your candidate’s name and email, and EQ CheckSafe will do the rest.

  • Activity

    See all activity

    All activity from all users is available at all times.*
    * Permission restrictions can be applied.

  • Alerts

    Action alerts

    When you are needed to approve or make a decision, we’ll send you an email, and make it really easy for you to resolve.

  • Audit

    Audit with ease

    We ensure that all processed data is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant. Allowing a full trail to support your business.

  • Administration

    Company administration

    Set up your business, add your team, allow for each member to have their own roles.

  • Fairness

    Candidate fairness

    Life isn’t straight-forward, but your background check can be. We allow the candidate as much visibility as possible.

  • On-a-page

    Candidate on-a-page

    View all your candidates in a centralised location, and see where they are in the process at a glance.

  • Compliance

    Full end-to-end compliance

    Equiniti have 20 years in heavily regulated financial environments. We’re at home with regulation like a duck on water.

  • Any time. anywhere

    Any time. anywhere

    The clear, modern interface is optimised for the HR professional, you’ll be able get things done on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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Enterprise features

We aim for no fuss, for faster onboarding. Our processes are designed to take all the complexity away from background checks, to ensure that the process of hiring is as frictionless as possible.

Enterprise factsheet
  • Branded experience

    Branded candidate experience

    Ensure that the candidate recognises your invitation for consent, and build trust throughout the entire process.

  • Reference codes

    Candidate reference codes

    Our reference codes allow for easier management of candidates across different systems, using a single ID.

  • Bulk processing

    Bulk processing

    Get candidates screened quicker, by processing through multiple candidates at the same time.

  • Approvals

    Approvals & authorisations

    Ensure that no checks or paid-for processes are run without the consent of a designated authority (usually the Director of HR).

  • Analytics


    See your background check in a whole new way, with statistics and graphs to see turnaround times, number of candidates etc.

  • Team management

    Distributed team management

    Manage all members of your team, including authorizing who can do what, and when.

  • Centralised billing

    Centralised billing

    Allow all your invoicing or financials to pass straight through to your finance department.

  • UK support team

    Dedicated UK support team

    Our Customer Success team are dedicated to giving real-time support to Enterprises.

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