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EQ CheckSafe

What is it?

Background checking

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Hiring Teams

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EQ CheckSafe is background checking made simple. It’s designed from the ground-up to make screening a great experience for everyone involved.


No fuss, for faster onboarding


Quicker, Easier, In Collaboration


Background check across the globe

Smart hiring

Automated ID verification

Designed for the user

A streamlined, simplified interface means that running a check is a breeze


  • Ease
  • Confidence
  • Transparency
  • Superb support
  • Ease

    A streamlined, simplified interface means that running a check is a breeze. Reduce your ‘time-to-employ’ rate, and ensure the process doesn’t cause you to lose candidates.

  • Confidence

    Conduct robust checks, backed by well-known suppliers; including the CRAs and Equiniti's own proprietary data sources. Designed by experts in regulation and compliance to ensure a fully compliant solution.

  • Transparency

    Both the candidate and the relying party have access to the results. The candidate can add commentary to results for fairness. All communications are pooled into the system, rather than across lots of emails.

  • Superb support

    A team of experienced identity specialists are on-hand to support with any issues. Access to a helpdesk is available, as well as case management processes to track any issues through.

Why EQ CheckSafe?

  • What everyone has

    • Coverage of UK jurisdiction

    • Packages meet all current compliance standards

    • Web-based self-service platform

  • What we do better

    • Global jurisdiction and coverage

    • Enterprise-scale features

    • A designed process, reducing as much complexity as possible

    • Full visibility to audit trail and activity during a background check

    • Checks completed within minutes

    • Candidate has access to their data under GDPR

    • All interactions managed via the platform

  • What only EQ Data provide

    • Service designer feature, allows for checks and their criteria to be configured to your company policies

    • White-labelling feature allows for your first interaction with the candidate to be representative of your brand.

    • Data sources provided thanks to Equiniti’s connections and network (CRA’s and financial institutions)

    • Our Right to Work App supports your legal Statutory Excuse

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