Financial Conduct Authority Authorisation


Credit references provided by Equiniti Data Limited are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.


We are registered with Companies House – Equiniti Data Limited – Company number: 05350329


Authorised on the Financial Services Register – FCA Reference number: 742721


If you need more information about our regulated products and services or about our authorisation to provide credit references from the FCA and you can’t find the answer below, please feel free to get in touch:




What does FCA Authorisation enable us to do?
An authorised firm has the permission to provide certain regulated products and services. In this instance, we have permission to provide credit references.


What is a trading as name?
A trading as name is a name chosen by a business that is different from their registered company name. Unlike the registered company name, the trading as name, or trading style as it is sometimes known, is never officially registered with Companies House. It is the name a business has chosen to call itself, usually because it is more marketable than the registered company name. We are officially registered with Companies House as Equiniti Data Limited Company number 05350329.


Why do we have a trading as name?
In January, we were acquired by Equiniti Group plc – a leading provider of process and technology solutions for complex and regulated markets. To reflect our new position within the group, we have updated our trading name to Equiniti Data.


Why don’t you have a consumer credit licence?
Quite simply, our business does not offer credit to consumers. We are a B2B data services company providing credit references and as such will not be offering services to consumers.


Why are we applying for full copies of the electoral roll for the first time?
Equiniti Data Limited became FCA authorised on the 28th March 2017. In order to offer our customers regulated data services, we need to establish our own relationships with registration offices across the UK.


What makes us entitled to the data?
In accordance with the Representation of the People (England and Wales) Regulations 2001 (as amended), ‘Part VI, Supply of Register etc.’ details various circumstances where a registration office can supply versions of the register. Specifically, regulation 114 ‘Sale of full register to credit reference agencies’ entitles us to a full copy of the register as a credit reference agency.