About Equiniti Plc

A FTSE 250 listed company (LSE: EQN)

Equiniti keep things running smoothly for some of the world’s biggest brands and publicly listed companies.

From Whitehall to Wall Street, we’re reimagining how organisations look after their customers, employees, shareholders and pensioners. Although we go back for nearly two centuries, we’ve been evolving and adapting throughout that time. Our clients and customers have come to know us for precision and reliability.

We meticulously care for the payments, data and processing that businesses need to look after their employees, their customers and their shareholders. By streamlining and facilitating the work necessary to keep businesses productive, we free them to concentrate on customers rather than process.

Consumer Proposition

From hiring to retiring

We provide solutions for wealth and asset management services, investment and pensions. From the day you’re hired, across your entire career, to when you retire and claim a pension, Equiniti are here to ensure wealth and success. We also mediate between you and businesses should you be affected by bereavement. We aim to make life simpler – because we believe life’s too short for so much admin!

Corporate Proposition

Powering the PLCs

In the back-office of large corporations, there is much complexity. All businesses have assets which they use to grow wealth and stabilise its future, they have employees to help them reach it, customers and need to reduce risk by boosting compliance. From the very model of business, and knowledge of its component complexities, is how Equiniti structures itself. We help corporations concentrate on customers, powered by Equiniti.

Equiniti streamlines and facilitates the work necessary to keep enterprises productive, and let them concentrate on customers rather than process. With this in mind, our solutions also work on the business as well as the consumer side.

Assets & Investments: Investment and other Financial and transactional products and services are at the heart of what we do. We manage transactions and registrations of share assets, loans, facilitate corporate dealing and support with secretarial services. We also can help with any payment services.

Talent & Resourcing: We also help consumers when they become employees, facilitating onboarding, payroll, HR and pensions. We’re also experts at finding talent too.

Customers: We can provide extensive data analysis, profiling and engagement strategies. For handling the delivery of value, it is sometimes necessary to treat customers better, which is why we arbitrate case management, complaints and remediation too. And should you lose contact with your customers, we can trace them to bring them back.

Operations & Compliance: Because we specialise in regulated markets, we also focus on risk and credit decisioning too, as part of the transactional and financial processes across the business, including AML/KYC compliance.

Innovation and Emergence: We recognise that components of business can become burdens over time. With this in mind, we reinvest our profit into where it adds more value. Our vision is to harness emerging technologies to deliver advantages across all sectors, and reap the rewards of adopting early.